Your Personal Chef for Hire!

Menus to Suit

The Valley Gourmet offers Sample Menus that give you an idea of what options are available for your family.  Food prepared will respect allergies, lifestyles (vegetarian, diabetic, gluten-free, low-carb etc) and picky eaters alike.

Choose from the offerings or discuss options with Chef Sue.  Menus can also be designed for family gatherings or holiday parties (under 25 people), special occasions or intimate dinner parties.  Menu ingredients can be tailored to suit preferences, dietary restrictions and budgets.  

Heat & Eat Meals are oven-ready meals that are personalized and portioned for families or individuals.  Perfect for busy families, singles, or independent living seniors. 

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Gourmet Food for Great Company

Planning a friends getaway weekend and want to make it extra special?  Want to host a cocktail party but don't want to cook? 

Hire the Valley Gourmet as your own personal chef to cook for you in North Conway!

Whether it's an evening of finger foods and wine, appetizers and buffet, or a formal, three course dinner for 12, the Valley Gourmet has your dinner or cocktail party in North Conway covered!  

Leave your kitchen to your personal chef. 

 She'll whip up culinary delights while 

you relax and reconnect with good friends. 

Whether it's a simple or elaborate party you're looking for, a variety of menu options are available and can be tailored to meet your preferences as well as your budget. 


Check out Menus & FAQs and call the Valley Gourmet in Glen today!

Menu Options

Cooking for Seniors

At some point, the child becomes the care-giver and looking after parents when you have a busy schedule can be challenging.  It's troubling that many seniors who live independently aren't eating right.  They quietly struggle with shopping, getting groceries home, and merely manage with basic cooking - often microwaving high-sodium frozen foods to sustain them.  There is a solution for you and your parents. 


The Valley Gourmet can prepare healthful, home-cooked, delicious meals that are appropriately portioned and well-balanced in the comfort of your parent's home.  Appetites may become smaller as we grow older, but our want for flavorful food and good conversation does not change.  Seniors deserve great food while respecting their health concerns, medications, and level of activity. 


Chef Sue understands nutrition, portion control, dietary restrictions and is familiar with common food/medication interactions.  

If you have parents who could benefit from personalized, tasty, healthy meals and some cheerful company, then please call the Valley Gourmet today. Good food and good company benefit the mind and soul, no matter the age. Call the Valley Gourmet at 603.986.9411 to discuss affordable meal options for your loved ones.

Proscuitto & Burrata Pizza