From the Galley to the Valley: Personal Chef in Glen, NH

Chef Sue

Sue grew up near Boston and Cape Cod, but her love of cooking took her to the International School of Culinary Arts in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  There she garnered her culinary skills, had a ball cooking at the Kentucky Derby, apprenticed at a local bistro and then it was life at sea.  Working 10 years aboard yachts, she became one of the more sought-after super-yacht chefs in the yachting and yacht charter industries 

Having sailed all over the Caribbean and Eastern seaboard of the U.S. and Canada  as a chef, she has cultivated a wide array of culinary specialties to entice adults and kids alike.  From Foie-Gras Creme Brulee with Balsamic Pearls, to Lobster Oreganata, to Tex-Mex Taco Pizza,  Sue's ability to personalize dishes can delight all types of palates for a week or a special evening. From ship to shore, you've got a taste of gourmet in the comfort of home.

the Valley Gourmet

Bon Appétit! A Word From Sue

As a personal chef, whether on a yacht or in someone's home,  I get to know and understand people by their choice of foods and lifestyles.  It's very gratifying to be able to personalize dishes and I try my best to meet and exceed an individual's expectations. 

Being a chef for me comes down to creating special memories for clients.  Whether my role is part of a much needed vacation, romantic get-away,  reunion, anniversary, charity event, retirement or whatever warrants celebrating, it's rewarding to see people genuinely enjoying themselves over food I've prepared and sharing it with those that matter most to them.

Much of life's best memories happen around tables with good food and great company.  Life is too short not to eat and drink well.  So to that I say: 

Cheers and Bon Appétit!

 ~ Chef Sue