Valley Gourmet is suspending cooking and delivery services due to Coronavirus.

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Your Personal Chef in Glen, NH. Gourmet, in the comfort of home.

Your Personal Chef in Glen, NH. Gourmet, in the comfort of home.

Your Personal Chef in Glen, NH. Gourmet, in the comfort of home.Your Personal Chef in Glen, NH. Gourmet, in the comfort of home.

Welcome to The Valley Gourmet


Want to hire a personal chef to do your cooking?

Due to the Coronavirus,  The Valley Gourmet has suspended on-site cooking services, cooking classes and prepared delivered meals.

Shopping at markets for clients can increase the exposure to and the spread of the virus.  Cases are appearing here in the Valley and we all need to respect and 

abide by the 'stay at home' protocols to keep our community from being impacted further.

Thank you for your understanding.  Stay in, stay healthy and may you make the most of this home-bound time to reconnect. 

Staying at home, 

Sue Ficken


The Valley Gourmet is a personal chef service offering personalized cooking in the comfort of your home. 

Culinary trained and former full-time yacht chef, Chef Sue Ficken, utilizes local and sustainable ingredients 

as often as available, creating flavorful dishes suited to your preferences and budget.  

With 12 years of personalized cooking for guests on yachts, Chef Sue's

 style transitions seamlessly into the home kitchen, 

offering delicious and creative dishes with a gourmet twist.  

If you have an upcoming vacation, special occasion, have elderly parents who may struggle with cooking, 

or you simply have a busy schedule and no time or want to cook,

call the Valley Gourmet for a culinary consultation.  


What Are We Doing for Dinner?

After an exhausting day on the slopes, trails or in the stores, 

who feels like cooking? 

 No one. 

But waiting for a table during peak season 

can make the most patient people grumpy.


What if you had the great taste of restaurant quality,

gourmet food prepared in the comfort of your own home?

The Valley Gourmet in Glen, NH offers the taste of 

 gourmet food in Glen, North Conway, Bartlett or Jackson. 

Have delicious meals or an evening of tapas and wine 

 while you unwind and relax with family and friends at home, 

ski house or rental property.

Call or email to reserve your own personal chef in Glen, NH.  Cheers to that!


A Healthier You

Are you struggling to put healthy meals together each week?  Bored of eating the same dishes week after week ?  You're not alone.  Lots of people just don't have the time to shop and prepare healthy meals for themselves, so they just grab whatever is convenient.   This can easily lead to low energy, weight gain, and poor nutrition.  Boring food can derail even the most disciplined, fit person.  Food fatigue is real!  

Whether you're someone who has set new dietary goals or an athlete who's trying to keep fit and true to a routine,  The Valley Gourmet can help you stay on track with a healthy approach to your nutritional and dietary needs.  Chef Sue will talk with you about your goals, food preferences, allergies and all your  dietary needs.  Whether you're gluten-free, vegetarian, trying Keto, Paleo, or Plant-Based, or have a doctor's recommended diet, she'll tailor and customize meals for you to enjoy each week.  All you have to do is eat, enjoy and reap the benefits.  The menus, shopping and cooking are done for you!  

Switch from boring dishes to tasty dishes that will help you reach and stay true to your dietary goals.  2020 is the year to be a better, healthier you.


Call The Valley Gourmet to learn how Chef Sue can help you today

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